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June, 2017


Выживет ли Трамп во Дворце Цезаря? Нью Йорк Таймс Ревью

Review: Can Trump Survive in Caesar’s Palace?    By JESSE GREEN  JUNE 9, 2017 Gregg Henry as the title character in “Julius Caesar” and Tina Benko as his wife, Calpurnia, at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. Credit Sara Krulwich/The New York Times Hang on to your comb-over because the theatrical Trump storm is now approaching gale force. Hartford Stage’s recent revival of George Bernard Shaw’s “Heartbreak House” dressed that play’s pathetic bully character in a bright yellow wig. Robert Schenkkan’s “Building the Wall” imagined President Trump’s presiding over a near-termRead More

Республиканцы США получают деньги из Кремля

FBI Notified After Mitch McConnell Exposed In $2.5M Money Funnel Connected To Putin By Natalie Thongrit – June 9, 2017   Many Republicans have been extremely hesitant about supporting the investigation into the connections between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. It seems, though, that their reasoning for this resistance has less to do with their faith in Trump and more to do with their eagerness to hide their own Russia ties. Thanks to the hard work of Democratic pundit Scott Dworkin, it’s beginning to look like every Republican politician has some kind ofRead More

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