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Sunday, April 8th, 2018


Гитлер и Трамп любят трепку

Рената Мюллер была подружкой Фюрера. Но секс у них был не простой: Фюрер требовал, чтобы Рената его трепала каблуками по заднице. У Президента Трампа несколько похожая болезнь: Он любит женщин, которые бьют его по заднице толстым глянцевым журналом под названием ТРАМП!  

Trump and Hitler share sickness for wanting being spanked

Trump and Hitler share sickness for wanting being spanked  

Гитлер был педофайл

Adolf Hitler had a VERY dark sexual fetish, according to secret spy documents Rob Waugh   Adolf Hitler wasn’t just one of the most evil people in human history – he also had a pretty unusual personal life. Specifically, he liked ladies to curl out a giant big poo on top of him, according to a spy report. In fact, he might even have got his niece to unleash a brown torpedo on to his body, according to a report commissioned by American intelligence. A report by American intelligence in 1943 describedRead More

German Stormy Daniels: Renate Müller

Renate Müller Renate Müller was born in Munich, Germany, on 26th April 1906. She became an actress and made several films includingLove in the Ring(1930), The Son of the White Mountain(1930), Darling of the Gods(1930), Flute Concert of Sans-Souci(1931), The Office Girl(1931), The Little Escapade(1931), When Love Sets the Fashion(1932) and Cairo Season(1932). Müller meet Adolf Hitlerwhile making a film on location near the Danish coast in the autumn of 1932. He watched the shooting all day and in the evening visited the house where she was staying. She laterRead More

Stormy Daniels Spanked Donald Trump With TRUMP Magazine—and a Picture of His Own Face

  Michael Daly  Nobody was ever spanked with a more appropriate object than the one Stormy Daniels recalls employing on Donald Trump. “He’s like, ‘have you seen my new magazine?’ Daniels recounted to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutesof her encounter with Trump in 2006.  Some have suggested that the magazine was Forbes. But the timeline doesn’t add up. The spanking took place in July 2006 and the Forbesmagazine with Trump on the cover came out in September 2006, with a dateline of October 2006. The only new magazine that TrumpRead More

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