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May, 2018


Нарушения Закона Гравитации Майклом Джексон все еще удивляет

Michael Jackson’s Gravity-Defying Lean Continues To Fascinate Lars Gotrich YouTube From the quarter toss into the jukebox to the cue ball crushed into powder and blown into a baddie’s face to the moonwalk that lasts more than a blink of an eye, if you haven’t watched the video for Michael Jackson‘s “Smooth Criminal” in a while, it’s every bit as magic as you remember it. Jackson was always something of an illusionist, particularly when it came to his signature dance moves. Three neurosurgeons (and admitted Jackson fans) from the PostgraduateRead More

История с билетом

Свадьба в Москве

MH17 Был Сбит 53й Бригадой из Курска

MH17 Shot Down by the Russians Investigators probing the 2014 downing of flight MH17 said Thursday for the first time that the missile which brought down the plane over eastern Ukraine originated from a Russian military brigade. But Moscow quickly rejected the accusation, saying no such weapon had ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border and that it was an attempt to “discredit Russia in the eyes of the international community”. The Joint Investigation Team “has come to the conclusion that the BUK-TELAR that shot down MH17 came from 53rd Anti-aircraft MissileRead More

Свадьба в Лондоне

Умер Ричард Пайпс, Историк России и Советник Рейгана

Richard Pipes, Historian of Russia and Reagan Aide, Dies at 94Richard Pipes in his study in Cambridge, Mass., in 1959. He spent his entire academic career at Harvard. By William Grimes May 17, 2018 Richard Pipes, the author of a monumental, sharply polemical series of historical works on Russia, the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik regime, and a top adviser to the Reagan administration on Soviet and Eastern European policy, died on Thursday at a nursing home near his home in Cambridge, Mass. He was 94. His son Daniel confirmedRead More

Владимир Черкасский: Записки Книголюба

  Помните, кто такой Жорж Дюруа? Это главный персонаж романа Ги де Мопассана «Милый друг». Жорж оказался в высшем Парижском обществе можно сказать случайно, и сразу произвел прекрасное впечатление – конечно же, на женщин – весьма красочными рассказами о своих похождениях во время службы в Африке. И когда его попросили изложить свои приключения в письменном виде, он не знал, с чего начать, мысли не повиновались, фразы выходили скучными и корявыми.   Я не мог не вспомнить про Жоржа Дюруа, начиная писать этот очерк. С чего начать рассказ о книгах? Впрочем,Read More

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