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Friday, June 29th, 2018


Коррупция в Верховном Суде

Сын Судьи Кеннеди из Верховного Суда США, Джастин,  “отмыл” Трампу $1 Миллиард из РФ через Deutsche Bank, когда ни один банк в мире не хотел иметь дело с Трампом Talk About ‘The Appearance of Corruption’ Anthony Kennedy and Donald Trump had a special relationship. ByCharles P. Pierce Jun 29, 2018 The more elderly of us who spend a lot of time frolicking with the delightful furry creatures of the Intertoobz are regularly amused by the strange idioms and lingo of this particular universe. For example: “WTF?” “Wait. What?” Or, more simply, “Wut?”Read More

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