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Sunday, February 10th, 2019


Джефф Безос из Амазон Воюет с Таблоид

  By Maureen Dowd   Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez had some secrets. But then The National Enquirer put a high price on not showing the world.CreditLeft, Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moët & Chandon; right, Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage, via Getty Images WASHINGTON — Jeff Bezos understands survival instincts. As a hedge fund refugee, he conjured Amazon, the world’s biggest store, by tapping into our hunter-gatherer instincts, the compulsion to collect more stuff with less effort. Amazon became “the Prince of Darkness for retail,” Scott Galloway writes in “The Four: The Hidden DNARead More

NSA bugged Amazon offices and it’s CEO Jeff Bezos

Lenny Fisher in Seattle, Washington NSA bugged Amazon offices and it’s CEO Jeff Bezos These days there’s a lot of talk in the intelligence community about NSA’s latest projects. One of them stood out. In 2017 President Donald Trump ordered NSA to investigate Amazon and it’s CEO. As a result, many Amazon’s offices and it’s workers were on NSA’s radar, their phones, cellphones, their families, and their houses under 24/7 surveilance.  

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