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August, 2020


Наркоманы Трамп, Путин и Ким

Наркоманы Трамп, Путин и Ким @  The Very Drugged Nazis They demanded purity of blood, body, and mind. But nobody became more dependent on drugs than Adolf Hitler, and no armed forces did more to boost troop performance than the Wehrmacht did by using methamphetamine. Antony Beevor Adolf Hitler presenting Theodor Morell, his personal physician, with the Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross at his headquarters, 1944. Credit: Heinrich Hoffmann / ullstein bild / Getty Images. Norman Ohler, a German journalist, novelist, and filmmaker, was intrigued when a discRead More

Donald J Drumpf, All you need to know!

Donald J Drumpf, All you need to know! Donald_J_Drumpf -> PDF file on One-Term-Donny


The Soviet Union Is Gone, But It’s Still Collapsing And 5 other unlearned lessons from leading experts about modern Russia and the death of an empire. Serhii Plokhy Bill Browder Dmitri Trenin Nargis Kassenova Alexander Cooley Andrei Soldatov A mural in the officers’ building at the former Soviet military base on January 26, 2017 in Wuensdorf, Germany. Once called “The Forbidden City,” Wuensdorf was the biggest base for the Soviet armed forces in communist East Germany from 1945 until the last Soviet troops left in the early 1990s. Photo byRead More

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