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October, 2020


Как закончились 700 лет мусульманского правления в Испании

‘These Are the Keys of This Paradise’: How 700 Years of Muslim Rule in Spain Came to an End The Reconquest set the scene for the rise of Spain and the colonization of the Americas The Capitulation of Granada by Francisco Pradilla Ortiz. It was the moment which set Spain on a course to become the greatest power in early modern Europe. On January 2, 1492 Abdallah Muhammad bin Ali, or Muhammad XII, known as Boabdil, the last Moorish sultan of Granada and head of the Nasrid dynasty, surrendered hisRead More

Шварцбурд и Петлюра в Париже

Шварцбурд, Самуил Исаакович Материал из Википедии — свободной энциклопедии Самуил Исаакович Шварцбурд שלום שװאַרצבאָרד фр. Samuel (Sholem) Schwarzbard Псевдонимы «Бал-Халоймэс» (Мечтатель) Дата рождения 18 августа 1886 Место рождения Измаил, Бессарабская губерния, Российская империя Дата смерти 3 марта 1938 (51 год) Место смерти Кейптаун, Южно-Африканский Союз Гражданство  Российская империя→ Украинская ССР→ Франция Род деятельности анархист, поэт, публицист Язык произведений идиш Награды  Медиафайлы на Викискладе Шу́лим И́цкович (Самуил Исаакович) Шва́рцбурд (также известен как Шолем Шварцборд и Шолом Шварцбард; идиш ‏שלום שװאַרצבאָרד‏‎, в эмиграции — фр. Samuel (Sholem) Schwarzbard — Самуэль Шварцбард; 18 августа1886, Измаил, Бессарабская губерния — 3 марта 1938,Read More

США вводят санкции в отношении России

U.S. Issues Sanctions on Russian Center Involved in Potentially Deadly Cyberattacks The penalties were aimed at a Russian research center that developed tools used in a cyberattack on a Saudi petrochemical plant, which took out the safety controls used to prevent an explosion. According to the sanctions, a Russian state research center built custom digital tools used in attacks in 2017 on oil facilities in the Middle East.Credit…Kirill Kudryavtsev/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images By Nicole Perlroth The United States on Friday imposed economic sanctions against a Russian government research organization thatRead More

Хакерская группа Energetic Bear – одна из самых скрытных в России

Russians Who Pose Election Threat Have Hacked Nuclear Plants and Power Grid The hacking group, Energetic Bear, is among Russia’s stealthiest. It appears to be casting a wide net to find useful targets ahead of the election, experts said. Russian hackers targeted the Wolf Creek power plant in Kansas in 2017.Credit…Mark Reinstein/Corbis, via Getty Images By Nicole Perlroth Cybersecurity officials watched with growing alarm in September as Russian state hackers started prowling around dozens of American state and local government computer systems just two months before the election. The actRead More

Russia poses a bigger election threat than Iran

Russia poses a bigger election threat than Iran, many U.S. officials say An election worker processed a ballot in San Francisco on Wednesday. Credit…Jim Wilson/The New York Times By Julian E. Barnes, Nicole Perlroth and David E. Sanger While senior Trump administration officials said this week that Iran has been actively interfering in the presidential election, many intelligence officials said they remained far more concerned about Russia, which in recent days has hacked into state and local computer networks in breaches that could allow Moscow broader access to American voting infrastructure.Read More

12 шокирующих фактов, которые я узнал, работая дворецким в отеле Plaza

12 Shocking Things I Learned by Working as a Butler at the Plaza Hotel You’ll never look at hotel staff the same way again. Brandon Presser. Illustrations by Zohar Lazar. Old-school service is alive and well at the Plaza: High tea treats are served in brass birdcages, tuxedo-clad bellman whisk away luggage to gilded suites, and chefs bear toques that tower above their heads. But in the age of Amazon Prime—when we all want everything now—what is it really like blending vestigial aristocratic assistance with light-speed wish fulfillment? In orderRead More

Judaism 3.0

&nbsp The decades that transformed Judaism It will take a long time for Judaism 3.0 to develop. By GOL KALEV OCTOBER 18, 2020 13:06 Email Twitter Facebook fb-messenger KING FAISAL I at Versailles during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, where he advocated for Zionism. The French expelled him from Syria in 1920. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons) KING FAISAL I at Versailles during the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, where he advocated for Zionism. The French expelled him from Syria in 1920. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons) Advertisement Judaism was shapedRead More

Зачем читать Боэция сегодня?

Зачем читать Боэция сегодня? Написанное в ожидании казни, Утешение философии ставит вопросы о человеческом разуме, которые остаются актуальными и сегодня.   John Marenbonis a fellow of the British Academy, senior research fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and honorary professor of mediaeval philosophy, as well as visiting professor at the Philosophy Department of Peking University in China. His latest book is Pagans and Philosophers (2015). For nearly a millennium, The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius was a bestseller throughout Europe. It was read not only by those who could understand itsRead More

Don’t say Russian: Trump didn’t want to ID Palm Beach mansion buyer

‘Don’t say Russian’: Trump didn’t want to ID Palm Beach mansion buyer Alexandra Clough “Don’t say Russian.” Those were the words Donald Trump first told this reporter back in May 2008. The topic was the buyer of a Palm Beach mansion owned by Trump. The then-New York real estate developer had just inked a blockbuster deal to sell the oceanfront estate for $100 million— a record for home sale even in the island’s billionaire playground. The intrigue over the Trump property sale a dozen years ago surged again this monthRead More

У Путина есть инфа о Трампе, сексе и деньгах

У Путина есть инфа о Трампе, сексе и деньгах По словам Люка Хардинга (Luke Harding), всем понятно, что Владимир Путин держит в своих руках президента США Дональда Трампа (Donald Trump). «Президент Дональд Трамп невежлив со всеми. Единственный человек, с которым он лоялен и которого он постоянно защищает — Владимир Путин. Единственное объяснение всему этому понятно: у Путина есть компромат на Дональда Трампа, связанный с сексом и деньгами много лет назад», — говорит Люк Хардинг газете VG в Нью-Йорке. У британского журналиста полно дел в Нью-Йорке, где он торопливо бегает между американскими телевизионными каналами, продвигая свою книгу «Заговор. Как Россия помогла Дональду ТрампуRead More

Как Эйнштейн примирил религию с наукой

How Einstein Reconciled Religion to Science As Einstein would have it, there is no necessary conflict between science and religion—or between science and “religious feelings.” Brian Gallagher What Einstein said was nearly as scathing as any contemporary critique of religion you might hear from Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, or Christopher Hitchens. Photo by spatuletail / Shutterstock. I recently heard an echo of Albert Einstein’s religious views in the words of Elon Musk. Asked, at the close of a conversation with Axios, whether he believed in God, the CEO of bothRead More


КАК ИСЧЕЗНУТЬ Можно ли передвигаться по умному городу незамеченным? It can be hard to evade the sight of wall-mounted cameras–but other smart cities technologies are almost undetectable. Photo by Jorge Silva/Reuters. Even in the middle of major city, it’s possible to go off the grid. In 2016, the Atlantic profiled a family in Washington, D.C., that harvests their entire household energy from a single, 1-kilowatt solar panel on a patch of cement in their backyard. Insulated, light-blocking blinds keep upstairs bedrooms cool at the peak of summer; in winter, theRead More

Трамп Надеется Путин Даст Ему Денег

Does Donald Trump Need a Bailout? Maybe that’s why he sucks up to Putin. By Michelle Goldberg Donald Trump, with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki in 2018, is “in a tightening financial vise,” The Times reports.Credit…Brendan Smialowski/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images In his new book “Rage,” Bob Woodward reports that Dan Coats, Donald Trump’s first director of national intelligence, was never able to shake his suspicions that Trump is in the pocket of President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Coats is obviously not alone — Trump’s obsequiousness toward the Russian strongman hasRead More

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