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Friday, November 13th, 2020


«Я Грета»: рождение климатического воина

‘I Am Greta’ Review: Birth of a Climate Warrior Nathan Grossman alternates truth-to-power moments with quiet ones in his documentary about the young Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg in “I Am Greta.”Credit…Hulu By Nicolas Rapold I Am Greta Directed by Nathan Grossman Documentary, Biography 1h 37m In September 2019 at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, Greta Thunberg made headlines by condemning world leaders for abandoning today’s children to the ravages of climate change. “How dare you?” she asked, her voice shaking with anger. Truth-to-power moments like this alternate with quietRead More

Когда дело доходит до осьминогов, вкус для лохов

When It Comes to Octopuses, Taste Is for Suckers Octopuses can taste what their arms touch, and scientists have figured out how.Video Video by Peter Kilian By Katherine J. Wu   Should anything ever compel you to lick an octopus’s arm, keep this in mind: That arm has all the cellular machinery to taste your tongue right back. Scientists have known for years that octopuses can taste what their arms touch. Now, a team of Harvard biologists armed with bricks, Velcro and an array of genetic tools has cracked someRead More

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