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December, 2020


Первые Индо-Европейцы появились под Одессой! Эмес!

The English Word That Hasn’t Changed in Sound or Meaning in 8,000 Years

Лучшие американские колледжи 2021 года

Best Colleges 2021: Explore the Full College Ranking List Harvard University tops the WSJ/THE rankings for the fourth straight year. Kayana Szymczak for The Wall Street Journal Examine the full list of nearly 800 U.S. colleges and universities and look at the metrics behind the rankings. Create personalized rankings based on the factors that matter most to you, and use tools to sort and filter the data. Find a college by name Filter by school type Public Private Additional Filters Rank Rank ▲▼ College ▲▼ Outcomes ▲▼ Resources ▲▼ EngagementRead More

WIRED: Взлом Россией был кибервойной?

Russia’s Hack Wasn’t Cyberwar. That Complicates US Strategy To evaluate whether cybersecurity tactics are working, you need to first establish what the SolarWinds hack really was. Illustration: La Tigre  The list of US government agencies compromised in the SolarWinds hack continues to expand, with reports of infiltrations at Treasury, Commerce, Homeland Security, and potentially State, Defense, and the CDC. This is a big deal for national security: It is the largest known data breach of US government information since the Office of Personnel Management hack in 2014, and could giveRead More

Художники, изменившие дизайн разрушенной войной Европы

The Museum of Modern Art debuts a transformative acquisition of Soviet, Polish, German and Dutch graphic arts from after World War I

Обороне США не удалось обнаружить гигантский русский взлом

Billions Spent on U.S. Defenses Failed to Detect Giant Russian Hack The broad Russian espionage attack on the U.S. government and private companies, underway since spring and detected only a few weeks ago, is among the greatest intelligence failures of modern times. The National Security Agency’s headquarters at Fort Meade, Md., is home to a cyberwar room guiding efforts that cost tens of billions of dollars.Credit…Jim Lo Scalzo/European Pressphoto Agency By David E. Sanger, Nicole Perlroth and Julian E. Barnes   WASHINGTON — Over the past few years, the UnitedRead More


Everything We’ve Learned About Modern Economic Theory Is Wrong Ole Peters, a theoretical physicist in the U.K., claims to have the solution. All it would do is upend three centuries of economic thought. Brandon Kochkodin  And the man who says he can prove it doesn’t have a degree in economics. But Ole Peters is no ordinary crank. A physicist by training, his theory draws on research done in close collaboration with the late Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann, father of the quark. He’s also won over two noted thinkers in theRead More


Putin Said to Have Two Identical Offices: One in Moscow, the Other at the Beach The supposed ruse has enabled him to spend time at a government residence on the Black Sea without risking a potential political backlash, a Russian news site reported. President Vladimir V. Putin attending a meeting via video conference this month.Credit…Pool photo by Alexei Nikolsky By Andrew E. Kramer MOSCOW — Political commentators saw signs of infighting among the elite. An opposition leader chalked it up to the Kremlin’s habit of lying. But for many whoRead More


Russian Officers Were Near Navalny When He Was Poisoned, Report Says The agents, from a unit with poisonous chemicals expertise, were tracked by their telephones, the Bellingcat investigative group said, the strongest evidence of Moscow’s involvement in the nerve agent attack.   Aleksei Navalny, a Russian opposition leader, appeared by video during a hearing by the European Parliament’s foreign affairs committee in November. The European Parliament strongly condemned the assassination attempt on Mr. Navalny.Credit…Olivier Hoslet/EPA, via Shutterstock By Michael Schwirtz Dec. 14  Officers from a secret Russian spy unit withRead More

Waldemar Haffkine: The vaccine pioneer the world forgot

Waldemar Haffkine: The vaccine pioneer the world forgot By Joel Gunter and Vikas Pandey BBC NewsWorking in Paris and India at the turn of the last century, Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine created the world’s first vaccines for cholera and plague. Then an accidental mass poisoning derailed his life.  Wellcome Trust Waldemar Haffkine In the spring of 1894, Waldemar Haffkine travelled to Calcutta in the Indian state of Bengal in search of cholera. Spring was cholera season in the city, and Haffkine was hopeful. He had arrived in India the previous March armedRead More

Почему китайский рынок без ума от числовых доменных имен

Why the Chinese Market is Crazy about Numeric Domain Names: Pinyin Acronyms  Domains & TLDs If you follow the domain name industry, you have likely noticed a trend in the purchase of letter only domains from new and old TLDs alike. While China has been making press this past year for their seemingly random acquisitions, the trend really started back in 2014. So why, you may ask, has China gone crazy with their purchase of LLL and LLLL domain names? Therein lies the question many domainers have. One answer is deeply rooted in theRead More

Вселенная Не Имела Начала

Physicists Debate Hawking’s Idea That the Universe Had No Beginning A recent challenge to Stephen Hawking’s biggest idea—about how the universe might have come from nothing—has cosmologists choosing sides Natalie Wolchover Credit: Mike Zeng for Quanta Magazine. In 1981, many of the world’s leading cosmologists gathered at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, a vestige of the coupled lineages of science and theology located in an elegant villa in the gardens of the Vatican. Stephen Hawking chose the august setting to present what he would later regard as his most importantRead More

Twilight Zone

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