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Monday, December 7th, 2020


Почему китайский рынок без ума от числовых доменных имен

Why the Chinese Market is Crazy about Numeric Domain Names: Pinyin Acronyms  Domains & TLDs If you follow the domain name industry, you have likely noticed a trend in the purchase of letter only domains from new and old TLDs alike. While China has been making press this past year for their seemingly random acquisitions, the trend really started back in 2014. So why, you may ask, has China gone crazy with their purchase of LLL and LLLL domain names? Therein lies the question many domainers have. One answer is deeply rooted in theRead More

Вселенная Не Имела Начала

Physicists Debate Hawking’s Idea That the Universe Had No Beginning A recent challenge to Stephen Hawking’s biggest idea—about how the universe might have come from nothing—has cosmologists choosing sides Natalie Wolchover Credit: Mike Zeng for Quanta Magazine. In 1981, many of the world’s leading cosmologists gathered at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, a vestige of the coupled lineages of science and theology located in an elegant villa in the gardens of the Vatican. Stephen Hawking chose the august setting to present what he would later regard as his most importantRead More

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