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Friday, December 18th, 2020


WIRED: Взлом Россией был кибервойной?

Russia’s Hack Wasn’t Cyberwar. That Complicates US Strategy To evaluate whether cybersecurity tactics are working, you need to first establish what the SolarWinds hack really was. Illustration: La Tigre  The list of US government agencies compromised in the SolarWinds hack continues to expand, with reports of infiltrations at Treasury, Commerce, Homeland Security, and potentially State, Defense, and the CDC. This is a big deal for national security: It is the largest known data breach of US government information since the Office of Personnel Management hack in 2014, and could giveRead More

Художники, изменившие дизайн разрушенной войной Европы

The Museum of Modern Art debuts a transformative acquisition of Soviet, Polish, German and Dutch graphic arts from after World War I

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