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Friday, February 26th, 2021


VOX: Performing to an empty Times Square

Life was never easy for New York’s costumed performers. What happens when the tourists disappear? By Emily   Concept, photographs, and additional reporting by Joana Toro. This story was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center and Diversify Photo through the Eyewitness Photojournalism Grant. Since the pandemic began in March 2020, tourism in Times Square has been brought to a dramatic halt.Joana Toro for Vox   Once Nadia decided to become a Times Square street performer, it took her a while to choose which character she’d be. She started outRead More

WIRED: GRU Targeted the US Grid

Hackers Tied to Russia’s GRU Targeted the US Grid for Years A Sandworm-adjacent group has successfully breached US critical infrastructure a handful of times, according to new findings from the security firm Dragos. For all the nation-state hacker groups that have targeted the United States power grid—and even successfully breached American electric utilities—only the Russian military intelligence group known as Sandworm has been brazen enough to trigger actual blackouts, shutting the lights off in Ukraine in 2015 and 2016. Now one grid-focused security firm is warning that a group withRead More

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