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October, 2021


Astronomers spot first possible exoplanet outside our galaxy

The Guardian: Astronomers spot first possible exoplanet outside our galaxy Saturn-sized planet candidate has been identified in Whirlpool Galaxy 28m light years away Illustration depicting X-ray binary and possible planet. Material from the companion star (right) is pulled on to black hole, forming a disk around the dense object. Photograph: Chandra X-ray Observatory Linda Geddes Science correspondent Tue 26 Oct 2021  A possible Saturn-sized planet identified in the distant Whirlpool Galaxy could be the first exoplanet to be detected outside the Milky Way. The exoplanet candidate appears to be orbitingRead More

Rolling Stones: Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen: Remembering the Life and Legacy of the Poet of Brokenness For nearly half a century, the novelist, ladies’ man and Buddhist monk built a tower of song – even though darkness was never far off. Rolling Stone Mikal Gilmore Photo by Tom Hill / WireImage / Getty. Leonard Cohen was the poet of brokenness. The knowledge haunted the first song that drew attention to him, “Suzanne”: “Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water/And he spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower . . .  /ButRead More


Putin’s Alleged Mistress Bought a $4 Million Pad in Monaco Kana Ruhalter Alexander Natruskin/AFP via Getty Images Financial records and tax documents reviewed by the Washington Post and other media outlets reveal that a former cleaner who is alleged to be the onetime mistress of Russian President Vladimir Putin—and the mother of his supposed 18-year-old daughter—bought a lavish $4 million apartment in Monaco through an offshore shell company in the British Virgin Islands, created just weeks after she gave birth to the girl. The multi-million outlay in 2003 by SvetlanaRead More

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