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March, 2022


Вовочка и Володимир

Что в продаже?


NYTimes: Cousins Are Killing One Another

‘My Cousins Are Killing One Another’: War in Ukraine Splits Mixed Families Because of their countries’ complex and intertwined history, many Ukrainians and Russians have relatives who are standing on opposite sides of the conflict.   Alona Cherkassky with her Russian mother and Ukrainian father in 1982. Ms. Cherkassky grew up in Moscow but spent her summers in Odessa, Ukraine. By Emma Bubola March 1, 2022 Sign up for the Russia-Ukraine War Briefing.  Every evening, we’ll send you a summary of the day’s biggest news. Get it sent to your inbox. AsRead More

Vladimir Putin sits atop a crumbling pyramid of power

Vladimir Putin sits atop a crumbling pyramid of power Vladimir Sorokin / The Guardian Putin’s end goal isn’t Ukraine but western civilization – the hatred for which he lapped up in the black milk he drank from the KGB’s teat ‘For Putin, life itself has always been a special operation.’ Photograph: Fabio Frustaci/ANSA/Zuma/Rex/Shutterstock Sun 27 Feb 2022  On 24 February, the armor of the “enlightened autocrat” that had housed Vladimir Putin for the previous 20 years cracked and fell to pieces. The world saw a monster –crazed in its desiresRead More

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