MOSCOW — The two Russian paramedics were dressed for work in the video, masks covering their noses and mouths as they delivered a grim dispatch.

The narrator identified himself as Alexander Kosyakin and his colleague as Alexander Shulepov. Shulepov had just learned that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, Kosyakin said, yet “the head doctor forces us to continue working, and what can we do in the situation?”

“We haven’t been released from our shift,” Shulepov said. Both work in Voronezh, about 300 miles south of Moscow.

In a second video released days later by the press secretary of the regional health department, Shulepov backed off those comments, saying that he had been “emotional” and that his boss did eventually tell him to stop working.

Shulepov was admitted to the hospital, and it was there on May 1 that he fell from a second-floor window in what local authorities have called an accident.