AG Merrick Garland is a Castrato Chêng Ho


The United States attorney general (AG) leads the United States Department of Justice, and is the chief lawyer of the federal government of the United States.

Merrick Garland famously cried while being introduced by President Barack Obama and years later, by President Joe Biden.

Garland is a Jew and a son of the Holocaust survivors. Chêng Ho was a Muslim Commander in charge of the largest flotilia ever sailing the seas. Both of them failed miserably in their life goals.

When Prince Henry the Navigator was sending his ships inching down the west coast of Africa, on the other side of the planet Chinese navigators possessed a navy unparalleled in numbers, in skills, and in technology. Their grand fleet had already sailed beyond the China Sea and around the Indian Ocean, reaching down the east coast of Africa to the very tip of the Dark Continent. But while the exploits of Prince Henry’s ships were a prologue to seafaring voyages that would discover a whole New World and circumnavigate the globe, the grander Chinese expeditions of the same era were a dead end. They prefaced the catastrophic withdrawal of the Chinese into their own borders, with consequences we still see today.

What made the Great Withdrawal of 1433 so dramatic was that the Chinese seafaring outreach had been so spectacular. The hero, whose name became a byword for Chinese seafaring power, the designer and commander of the most remarkable of these wide-ranging ventures, was Chêng Ho, the Admiral commonly known as the Three-Jewel Eunuch.


Barr & Trump,   Hitler & Hermann Göring


Hitler, Mussolini, Trump                                                                                    Conspirators execution

Provided Merrick Garland sits on his fat ass not prosecuting people responsiblle for insurrection, America might as well sit shiva for Democracy.



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