Armenian Women Crucified by Turks

The genocide of Armenian Christians by the Turkish Ottoman empire on the heels of a devastating defeat they suffered at the hands of Russia has been one of the most brutal and barbaric ever but most disturbingly one that the world has refused to acknowledge.

The pic above is from a 1919 film depicting the cruelty metted upon a group of 19 teenage Armenian Christian girls who were gang raped by Muslim soldeirs of the Ottoman state.

The movie did not however depict the gruesome killing as even for today’s desensitized world of Internet gore , the gruesome murder of these young girls by Muslim soldeirs will make any die hard gore viewer turn away in appalling disgust.

The actuall narrative goes that these young girls after suffering the most debased form of sexual torture and rape at the hands of Turkish Muslim soldeirs where later impaled on a cross and a spike driven into their private parts. 

Death came slowly but painfully with the Turkish soldeirs gleefully laughing at them.

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