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Джефф Безос из Амазон Воюет с Таблоид

By Maureen Dowd Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez had some secrets. But then The National Enquirer put a high price on not showing the world.CreditLeft, Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Moët & Chandon; right, Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage, via Getty Images WASHINGTON — Jeff Bezos understands survival instincts. As a hedge fund refugee, he conjured Amazon, the world’s biggest store, by tapping into our hunter-gatherer instincts, the compulsion to collect more stuff with less effort. Amazon became “the Prince of Darkness for retail,” Scott Galloway writes in “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon,Read More

NSA bugged Amazon offices and it’s CEO Jeff Bezos

Lenny Fisher in Seattle, Washington NSA bugged Amazon offices and it’s CEO Jeff Bezos These days there’s a lot of talk in the intelligence community about NSA’s latest projects. One of them stood out. In 2017 President Donald Trump ordered NSA to investigate Amazon and it’s CEO. As a result, many Amazon’s offices and it’s workers were on NSA’s radar, their phones, cellphones, their families, and their houses under 24/7 surveilance.