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The City That Cycles

  The City That Cycles With the Young, the Old, the Busy and the Dead Nearly half of all journeys to school and work in Copenhagen take place on bicycles. And people like it that way. By Peter S. Goodman Nov. 9, 2019 COPENHAGEN — By the standards operative on most of planet Earth, this is not an especially wonderful day for a bicycle ride. The temperature reads 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and a vengeful breeze forces damp chill to the bone. Sullen gray clouds occupy the sky, dispensing an apathetic drizzle.Read More

New York Times about Banks Parliament

Banksy Painting ‘Devolved Parliament’ Sells for $12 Million The artistic evolution revolution, with chimps in the role of members of the House of Commons, set an auction high for the artist. By Scott Reyburn LONDON — This time it was the bidding that made people gas Banksy, the world’s most famous street artist, joined the ranks of the world’s most expensive artists Thursday night when his 2009 satirical painting, “Devolved Parliament,” showing Britain’s House of Commons populated by chimpanzees, sold for 9.9 million pounds with fees, or about $12.1 million,  atRead More

Парламент Банкса

Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Auction set the art world alight on Thursday when Banksy’s hotly-anticipated Devolved Parliament smashed its pre-sale estimate, soaring to £9.9 million and setting a new world record for the artist.  Watch Devolved Parliament set a new record for BanksyCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 12:10 Banksy, Devolved Parliament The monumental canvas, which made headlines around the world even before its appearance in the London galleries, sparked a 13-minute bidding battle on the phones and in the room.ArtistBanksy Alongside the Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s electric 1984 canvas Pyro also achieved £9.9 million, confirming the appetite of collectors eager to secure a pieceRead More

Russian Choir: We’ll Bury You

A religious service in St Petersburg, at Saint Isaac’s Cathedral:We’re on the submarine with a nuclear engineand a dozen bombs with a hundred megatons.We’ll cross Atlantic, and tell the guy Petrov to targetWashington.And the submarine’s happy crew sings:Tra la la, tra la la, I can do all for three rubbles.Hello new land of the foe.Lights are blinking in NorfolkTired Toys and Blacks are asleep…You forgive us America, good AmericaBut five hundred years agoYou were discovered for nothing.Tra la la, tra la la, I can do all for three rubblesBurn BurnRead More

Мразь в Иссаковском Соборе

Эту гадость поют в Исаакиевском соборе в Петербурге: Петров, нацеляй на Вашингтон / Тра ля ля, все могу за тру рубляяя

China and Russian compete in the 2020 USA elections

The following is the redacted version of the Russian article in this publication Chinese government is greatly concerned about the Russian success meddling in the 2016 USA elections. As a result of the Russian interference the voting results in the six swing states were marginally pivoted to aid the GOP contender Donald Trump against the Democratic contender Hillary Clinton. The Russian government through it’s oligarchs allied with the Kremlin has nurtured and aided financially strapped Trump organization. It was a long shot deal that succeeded spectacularly. Even before Trump’s inagurationRead More

Китай и РФ вмешиваются в выборы

По секретнын данным ФБР правительство РФ постоянно вмешивается в выборы в США, в Европе, Азии, и Африке. В 2016 Дональд Трамп выиграл президентские выборы в США благогодаря вмешательству ГРУ и хакеров РФ. Согласно представителям немецкого банка Deutsche Bank, многие ссудовые бумаги за последние 12 лет на сумму в 3,7 миллирдов доларов были подписаны Трампом совместно с российскими олигархами. Президент Трамп ведет про-российскую кампанию по снятию санкций Магницкого, и легализованию оккупации Крыма и Донбасса. На нескольких неофициальных встречах без свидетелей Владимир Путин уговорил Дональда Трампа поднять тарифы на Китай, и начатьRead More

Дэвид Кох: Смерть и Разрушение

Death and destruction: this is David Koch’s sad legacy Alex Kotch Anarcho-capitalism was the real cancer plaguing the billionaire libertarian. And it spread across universities, halls of Congress and the White House ‘This is the tragic mindset of many a rightwing oligarch: the toils, the woes, the maladies of humankind are irrelevant — unless they happen to me, or perhaps my close family members’ Photograph: Justin Lane/EPA/Shutterstock In 1992, billionaire industrialist David Koch was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and given just a few years to live. Thanks to hisRead More

Семен Розенфельд из лагеря Собибор

By Palko Karasz June 5, 2010 Semyon Rozenfeld first escaped death in the gas chambers by inventing a trade for himself when he arrived at Sobibor, a Nazi death camp in occupied Poland, in the fall of 1943. Questioned by a German officer, he said he was a glazier and was taken aside for work detail. About a month later he was among about 600 prisoners who staged a historic uprising against their captors and tried to escape. Only about 300 made it to the fences, and most of the restRead More

Рапорт польской акушерки из Освенцима

Рапорт польской акушерки из Освенцима.  Станислава Лещинска, акушерка из Польши, в течение двух лет до 26 января 1945 года оставалась в лагере Освенцим и лишь в 1965 году написала этот рапорт.  «Из тридцати пяти лет работы акушеркой два года я провела как узница женского концентрационного лагеря Освенцим-Бжезинка, продолжая выполнять свой профессиональный долг. Среди огромного количества женщин, доставлявшихся туда, было много беременных.  Функции акушерки я выполняла там поочередно в трех бараках, которые были построены из досок со множеством щелей, прогрызенных крысами. Внутри барака с обеих сторон возвышались трехэтажные койки. На каждой изRead More