German Stormy Daniels: Renate Müller

Renate Müller

Timofei Mikhailov

Renate Müller was born in Munich, Germany, on 26th April 1906. She became an actress and made several films includingLove in the Ring(1930), The Son of the White Mountain(1930), Darling of the Gods(1930), Flute Concert of Sans-Souci(1931), The Office Girl(1931), The Little Escapade(1931), When Love Sets the Fashion(1932) and Cairo Season(1932).

Müller meet Adolf Hitlerwhile making a film on location near the Danish coast in the autumn of 1932. He watched the shooting all day and in the evening visited the house where she was staying. She later told the film director, Adolf Zeissler: “He sat there, not moving at all, looking at me all the time, and then he’d take my hand in his and look some more. He talked all the time – just nonsense.”

Ronald Hayman, the author of Hitler and Geli(1998): “After this he arranged frequent meetings with her, and the jewellery he gave her included a diamond bracelet more valuable than any of his presents to Geli and Eva Braun. But the demands he made were as unpalatable to her as to Geli. One night, for instance, at the Chancellery, he began by going into detail about Gestapo methods of torture, comparing them with medieval techniques. After they had both taken their clothes off he lay on the floor, begging her to hit him and kick him. She refused, but he went on heaping accusations on his own head, saying he was her slave, unworthy to be in the same room. Eventually giving in, she started to kick him, abuse him with obscene words and hit him with his whip. Becoming increasingly excited, Hitler started to masturbate. After his orgasm, he suggested quietly that they should both put their clothes on. They drank a glass of wine together and chatted about trivialities. Finally he stood up, kissed her hand, thanked her for a pleasant evening and rang for a servant to show her out.”

Renate M�ller
Renate Müller

Renate Müller gained permission from Adolf Hitlerto visit London. It has been claimed that the Gestapo“kept her under surveillance while she was there, and after spending a lot of time with a former lover, Frank Deutsch, who was Jewish, she found, on returning to Germany, that she had been blacklisted”. She also heard rumours that suggested she was going to be put on trial for “race defamation”. Her friends claim that under this pressure she became addicted to morphine.

According to Cate Haste, the author of Nazi Women(2001): “With her career in ruins, she became addicted to morphineand was sent to a sanatorium. Having asked for, and been refused, permission to see Hitler in 1936, she returned to the sanatorium.”

On 1st October 1937 Renate Müller was looking out of a window when a car pulled up outside the sanatorium and four SSofficers got out. In a state of panic she jumped out of the window and was killed.

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