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FBI Notified After Mitch McConnell Exposed In $2.5M Money Funnel Connected To Putin


Many Republicans have been extremely hesitant about supporting the investigation into the connections between President Trump’s campaign and Russia. It seems, though, that their reasoning for this resistance has less to do with their faith in Trump and more to do with their eagerness to hide their own Russia ties.

Thanks to the hard work of Democratic pundit Scott Dworkin, it’s beginning to look like every Republican politician has some kind of link to Russia.

Over the last few months, Dworkin has revealed that several Republican senators — including John McCain, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio — have accepted money from Russian donors. He also produced evidence of even more connections a couple of weeks ago that were shared by Palmer Report.

In May, Dworkin found documents that link Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to a super PAC that accepted $2.5 million from a “pro-Putin Ukrainian businessman.” He shared photos of the documents on Twitter, along with the following message:

‘#TrumpLeaks Docs: Mitch McConnell linked super PAC took $2.5 million from a pro-Putin Ukrainian businessman last election cycle #trumprussia’

Dworkin also found that McConnell is not the only person who has benefited from a pro-Putin businessman. He tweeted a couple of days later photos of documents that show Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also received money from this “pro-Putin” individual during the last election cycle.

While Walker’s name has not come up often with regards to the Trump/Russia investigation, this was not the first time Senator McConnell had been accused of having his own Russia connections.

In April, Claude Taylor, a former White House staffer who worked under President Bill Clinton, revealed via Twitter that he had heard “chatter” about McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan being caught on tape discussing funneling Russian money into the Trump campaign.

McConnell only made suspicions about his links to Russia worse with his insistence that an independent investigation into Trump’s ties was not necessary.

Earlier in May, after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, McConnell brushed off questions about an independent investigation, saying that “too much is at stake” and a separate review would derail the work that has already been done.

Governor Walker did say in March that he thought the suspicions of collusion were serious and should be reviewed, but he’s been fairly quiet on the issue ever since.

Perhaps people like McConnell and Walker have refused to push for a more in-depth investigation because they don’t want their dirty laundry aired. That appears to have been the general consensus among those who commented on Dworkin’s tweets.

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