It’s More Than Donald Trump’s Sniffles That Point to Cocaine Use


Okay, I’ve got to say this is conjecture. I actually have less to go on than when I questioned Donald Trump’s sanity. There I at least had a test. Here I only have observation but it’s observation based on living through the 80’s, that and symptoms provided by services like the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Trump came to the forefront of the public eye in the 80’s. He embodies the brashness and ‘Me First’ attitude of that decade. If anyone could be said to be, ‘lost in the 80’s’, it is Donald Trump. I mean, his suits haven’t even changed that much from then. The #1 drug of the 80’s was the dreaded white powder.

People have been wondering what Donald Trump’s sniffles have meant in the last two debates. And as I said, I lived through the 80’s, so this should have dawned on me a while ago.

I just looked up ‘symptoms cocaine abuse’ and this is what I found.

Behavioral signs of Cocaine use:

  • Euphoria
  • Overconfidence
  • Unusual excitement
  • Aggressiveness
  • Restlessness
  • Paranoia
  • Poor judgment
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations

If this doesn’t sound like a check list of Donald Trump’s behavior, I don’t know what does.

Now, what about these physical characteristics? “

  • Dilated pupils
  • Runny nose (snorting)

Trump is constantly squinting. Heck, it’s even part of Alec Baldwin’s impression of him.

Trump couldn’t sit still for even the few minutes of Clinton’s responses. He refused to stay seated and lumbered ominously around the stage,  sometimes staring into the distance.

And Trump’s constant sniffles. On top of the irritation cocaine causes to the sinuses, cocaine users are very paranoid about having blood come from their nose as it’s a sure giveaway of abuse. I know this because it was common knowledge in the 80’s.

Also, Trump always seems to start out like he’s shot out of cannon and then quickly becomes fatigued, unfocused and irritable. He has often said debates should be shorter. All these can read like someone who’s desperate for a bump.

Trump’s nocturnal, sometimes incomprehensible tweets also fit this pattern.

Link to National Institute for Drug Addiction

And I’m not the only one wondering about this.

From Forbes, no less:

Donald Trump’s Sniffling Continues, Here Now Are The Possible Causes

And Carrie Fisher:

Carrie Fisher Says Donald Trump’s Sniffles Are ‘Absolutely’ a Cocaine Thing

And Howard Dean:…Howard Dean under fire for alleging Trump cocaine use at debate

Now, this is all just conjecture and observation but if it looks, walks and quacks like Tony Montana…

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