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Конгресс США должен принять закон Навального

Congress Should Pass a Navalny Act The latest poisoning of a Russian critic requires expanded sanctions and accountability for Kremlin leadership. By Bret Stephens Aleksei Navalny in 2018. The Russian opposition leader is now lying comatose in a German hospital after a poisoning attack. Credit…Mladen Antonov/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images In 2012, in the face of quiet resistance from the Obama administration, Congress passed the Magnitsky Act, named for a Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, who was left to die in a Moscow prison in 2009 for blowing the whistle onRead More

For the Kremlin, Aleksei Navalny Is a Threat It Cannot Speak Of

For the Kremlin, Aleksei Navalny Is a Threat It Cannot Speak Of President Vladimir V. Putin has never publicly mentioned the opposition leader’s name in 20 years of speeches and interviews. Why? He is “completely out of their control,” which is intolerable, one analyst says. Aleksei Navalny, the Russian politician, activist and blogger, photographed in his offices in Moscow in 2014.Credit…James Hill for The New York Times By Andrew Higgins MOSCOW — A pro-Kremlin propaganda film posted online before Russia’s 2018 presidential election smeared Aleksei A. Navalny, the Russian oppositionRead More

Aleksei Navalny Was Poisoned With Novichok, Germany Says

Aleksei Navalny Was Poisoned With Novichok, Germany Says The German government said that toxicology tests showed the Russian opposition leader was poisoned with a nerve agent from the same class used in a 2018 attack in Britain on an ex-Soviet spy. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said the Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent and demanded answers from Russia. Mr. Navalny is currently in a German hospital.CreditCredit…Kirill Kudryavtsev/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images By Michael Schwirtz and Melissa Eddy Soon after a private plane carryingRead More

What Is Novichok, the Russian Nerve Agent Tied to Navalny Poisoning?

What Is Novichok, the Russian Nerve Agent Tied to Navalny Poisoning? For decades, scientists, spies and chemical weapons specialists have known about and feared the lethal substance. The Charité hospital in Berlin, where Aleksei A. Navalny, Russia’s opposition leader, remains in a medically induced coma. The German government said he had been poisoned with a deadly nerve agent from the Novichok family.Credit…Christoph Soeder/DPA, via Associated Press By Richard Pérez-Peña Few people had heard of the nerve agent Novichok until 2018, when Western officials accused Russia of having used it inRead More

Феликс Фенеон, анархист-коллекционер, был чемпионом Сера

Félix Fénéon, the Collector-Anarchist Who Was Seurat’s First Champion The Museum of Modern Art reopens with an exemplary show devoted to an essential figure who multitasked his way through the aesthetic and political ferment of Belle Époque Paris. Paul Signac’s portrait depicts Félix Fénéon as an ascetic yet flamboyant ringmaster set against a psychedelic pinwheel of patterns. Its rambling title: “Opus 217. Against the Enamel of a Background Rhythmic with Beats and Angles, Tones, and Tints, Portrait of M. Félix Fénéon in 1890.”Credit…Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP,Read More

Роберт Смоллс: раб, укравший военный корабль Конфедерации и ставший конгрессменом

Robert Smalls: The Slave Who Stole a Confederate Warship and Became a Congressman To save his family—and himself—Robert Smalls had to do something drastic. His bravery made him a folk hero. Lucas Reilly Robert Smalls circa 1870-1880. Photo from Mathew Brady, Library of Congress / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain. It was the spring of 1862, and Robert Smalls—a 23-year-old enslaved man living in Charleston, South Carolina—was desperate to buy the freedom of his wife and children. The asking price was $800. He had money saved up. Since the ageRead More

Трамп – уникальный президент

Трамп – уникальный президент. Это первый президент, который пытается превратить США в совок, поэтому восторженная поддержка Трампа иммигрантами из бывшего СССР меня совсем не удивляет: он им близок, знаком и понятен, как никто другой. Создание коррумпированной “партийной” элиты, не гнущающейся никакой ложью ради наживы, постоянное расручивание образов “правильных” (читаем “белых республиканцев”) американцев и “врагов народа”, отказывающихся любить президента всеми силами, жесткая пропагандистская повестка и заигрывание с заморскими диктаторами (СССР всегда поддерживал диктатуры и ненавидел демократический режим), постоянное использование Белого дома для бизнес-выгод и обкрадывания страны, сознательное незамечание угроз от другихRead More

Наркоманы Трамп, Путин и Ким

Наркоманы Трамп, Путин и Ким @  The Very Drugged Nazis They demanded purity of blood, body, and mind. But nobody became more dependent on drugs than Adolf Hitler, and no armed forces did more to boost troop performance than the Wehrmacht did by using methamphetamine. Antony Beevor Adolf Hitler presenting Theodor Morell, his personal physician, with the Knight’s Cross of the War Merit Cross at his headquarters, 1944. Credit: Heinrich Hoffmann / ullstein bild / Getty Images. Norman Ohler, a German journalist, novelist, and filmmaker, was intrigued when a discRead More

Donald J Drumpf, All you need to know!

Donald J Drumpf, All you need to know! Donald_J_Drumpf -> PDF file on One-Term-Donny


The Soviet Union Is Gone, But It’s Still Collapsing And 5 other unlearned lessons from leading experts about modern Russia and the death of an empire. Serhii Plokhy Bill Browder Dmitri Trenin Nargis Kassenova Alexander Cooley Andrei Soldatov A mural in the officers’ building at the former Soviet military base on January 26, 2017 in Wuensdorf, Germany. Once called “The Forbidden City,” Wuensdorf was the biggest base for the Soviet armed forces in communist East Germany from 1945 until the last Soviet troops left in the early 1990s. Photo byRead More


A Plague Is an Apocalypse. But It Can Bring a New World. The meaning of this one is in our hands. By Andrew Sullivan Death as a skeleton rides a wraithlike horse and tramples its victims. Even the powerful are not immune. Sicily, 15th century. Photo: © JOSÉ LUIZ BERNARDES RIBEIRO VIA CC VERSION 4.0 It’s strange that we now see America threatened by a plague. Because without plague, America, as we know it, wouldn’t exist. It may have been the most devastating epidemic in the history of humankind —Read More


My Great-Grandfather the Bundist Founded in 1897, and reaching its height in interwar Poland, the Bund was a sometimes-clandestine political party whose tenets were humane, socialist, secular, and defiantly Jewish. Molly Crabapple Volkavaisk Bundists, 1905. “There, where we live, that is our country.” —Motto of the Jewish Labor Bund During his elder years, my great-grandfather, the post-Impressionist artist Sam Rothbort, tried to paint back into existence the murdered world of his shtetl childhood. Amid the hundreds of watercolors that he called Memory Paintings, one stood out. A girl silhouetted againstRead More

Банда Девочек-подросток, которая соблазняла и убивала нацистов

The Teenage Girl Gang That Seduced and Killed Nazis In the 1940s, sisters Freddie and Truus Oversteegen used their unassuming profile as teenagers to ambush and kill Nazis in the Netherlands. Jake Rossen Photo by When sisters Freddie and Truus Oversteegen were young, their mother made them sleep in the same bed. This wasn’t an act of forced sibling bonding: Though the family had more than one mattress, all of them makeshift and stuffed with straw, they shared their modest flat with the Jewish refugees they regularly housed. TheRead More

Трамп, оказывается, обманщик!

Трамп, оказывается, обманщик!

Когда наука становится уродливой – Филипп Ленард и Альберт Эйнштейн

When Science Gets Ugly – the Story of Philipp Lenard and Albert Einstein Their dispute sheds considerable light on the power of nonscientific concerns to sway scientists. Richard Gunderman Photo from NASA via Wikimedia Commons. Scientists are not always as scientific as many suppose. Recent well-publicized cases of scientific fraud prove that scientists can be as susceptible to the allures of wealth, power and fame as politicians, the group that enjoys the lowest public trust. Glaring recent cases have included falsified results in the development of an HIV vaccine andRead More

The Photographer Who Captured America’s Dark Side

The Photographer Who Captured America’s Dark Side By documenting the little things, Robert Frank changed an entire nation’s image of itself. Lucas Reilly Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images On a hot September day in 1957, Jack Kerouac sat on a New York City sidewalk holding America in his hands. At least, that’s how it felt. In reality, he held a book of photographs taken by a Swiss photographer named Robert Frank. Like Kerouac, who had recently released On the Road, Frank had just completed a historic road trip across America.Read More

Robert Frank Photographer

Robert Frank Dies; Pivotal Documentary Photographer Was 94 Mr. Frank, best known for his groundbreaking book, “The Americans,” had a visually raw and personally expressive style that made him one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. Philip Gefter   Robert Frank, one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century, whose visually raw and personally expressive style was pivotal in changing the course of documentary photography, died on Monday in Inverness, Nova Scotia. He was 94. His death, at Inverness Consolidated Memorial Hospital on Cape BretonRead More

Biblical Mystery

A Biblical Mystery at Oxford A renowned scholar claimed that he discovered a first-century gospel fragment. Now he’s facing allegations of antiquities theft, cover-up, and fraud. Courtesy of the Egypt Exploration Society and the University of Oxford Imaging Papyri Project   by Ariel Sabar On the evening of February 1, 2012, more than 1,000 people crowded into an auditorium at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The event was a showdown between two scholars over an explosive question in biblical studies: Is the original text of the New TestamentRead More

Нью-Йоркер: Игорь Левит не похож на других пианистов

Igor Levit Is Like No Other Pianist He’s a political activist. His repertory is vast. And, during Germany’s shutdown, he streamed more than fifty performances from home. It’s made him question what a concert can be.  Alex Ross On March 10th, the German pianist Igor Levit played Beethoven’s Third and Fifth Piano Concertos at the Elbphilharmonie, the hulking concert complex in Hamburg. It was his thirty-third birthday and, it turned out, his last public concert for many weeks. The next day, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, delivered a dire warningRead More

WIRED: Hacker who saved the internet

The Confessions of Marcus Hutchins, the Hacker Who Saved the Internet At 22, he single-handedly put a stop to the worst cyberattack the world had ever seen. Then he was arrested by the FBI. This is his untold story. Photograph: Ramona Rosales At around 7 am on a quiet Wednesday in August 2017, Marcus Hutchins walked out the front door of the Airbnb mansion in Las Vegas where he had been partying for the past week and a half. A gangly, 6’4″, 23-year-old hacker with an explosion of blond-brown curls,Read More

Пандемия рассорила Минск и Москву

Пандемия коронавируса снова рассорила Минск и Москву.    А белорусский парад на День Победы усугубил ситуацию 01:39, 12 мая 2020 Источник: Meduza Президент Белоруссии Александр Лукашенко выступает с речью на параде в Минске в честь 75-летия победы в Великой Отечественной войне. 9 мая 2020 года Сергей Гапон / pool / AP / Scanpix / LETA В мае провластные СМИ двух стран активизировали информационную войну. Из Белоруссии выслали корреспондента Первого канала МИД Белоруссии 6 мая лишил аккредитации корреспондента российского Первого канала Алексея Кручинина и предписал ему покинуть страну до конца суток. Также был лишен аккредитации оператор канала Сергей Панасюк, гражданин Белоруссии. Поводом для высылки Кручинина сталRead More

Плохая компания: Как бизнесмены из южной России захватили контроль над московской похоронной индустрией и кто помог им в этом

Bad company How businessmen from southern Russia seized control of Moscow’s funeral industry, and who helped them do it 9:00 am, July 1, 2019 Source: Meduza In May 2016, bullets flew at Moscow’s Khovanskoye Cemetery as upwards of 400 men fought over the graveyard, resulting in three deaths. The violence meant the end of an era in the capital’s funeral business, completing the redistribution of the industry. Those in control until then hailed from the town of Khimki, just outside Moscow, and it was their efforts to maintain a footholdRead More

Иван Голунов получил награду за статью, за которую его арестовали

Ivan Golunov Wins Award For Article That Got Him Arrested November 18, 2019 Anna Nemtsova, Olga Romanova, Ivan Golunov and Masha Slonim. Photo A. Mikhailovna In June 2019, Meduza investigative journalist Ivan Golunov was arrested by authorities in Moscow for allegedly selling drugs; charges that, after five days of mass civic action and social outcry, were dropped. Golunov’s inquisitive eye and keen interest in corruption have made him some enemies among high-ranking law enforcement officials. Indeed, many have speculated that it was his investigation into a funeral racket connected to the RussianRead More

Эдвард Сноуден о Трампе, конфиденциальности и угрозах демократии

  Full Interview: Edward Snowden On Trump, Privacy, And Threats To Democracy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 6,554,370 views •Sep 17, 2019 72K5.5KSHARESAVE   MSNBC 2.98M subscribers SUBSCRIBE On the eve of his memoir ‘Permanent Record’ being published, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden talked at length from Moscow with MSNBC’s Brian Williams in an exclusive interview. This is their discussion in its entirety, edited down slightly for clarity. Aired on 9/17/2019. » Subscribe to MSNBC: MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary andRead More

The Atlantic: Пандемии оставляют нас навсегда измененными

Pandemics Leave Us Forever Altered What history can tell us about the long-term effects of the coronavirus June 2020 Issue Charles C. Mann Contributing writer at The Atlantic Doctors treat an influenza patient at the U.S. Naval Hospital in New Orleans during the 1918 pandemic. (MPI / Getty) In 2008 a young economist named Craig Garthwaite went looking for sick people. He found them in the National Health Interview Survey. Conducted annually by the U.S. Census Bureau since 1957, the NHIS is the oldest and biggest continuing effort to trackRead More

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