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Конец имперского президентства

By ceding control over the government’s pandemic response, Trump is allowing American governors to flex new muscles. Peter Nicholas  Kathy Gilsinan Shutterstock / The Atlantic Democrats have long feared that in a national crisis, President Donald Trump would seize the chance to stretch his powers and sweep aside constitutional restraints. Yet as the pandemic rages, Trump may be creating an unanticipated legacy: By ceding some control to the states, he’s allowing the nation’s governors to reacquire executive muscle that has withered in the age of the imperial presidency. However inadvertent,Read More

НЙ Таймс: Россия была готова отпраздновать славное прошлое

Russia Was Ready to Celebrate a Glorious Past. The Present Intervened. As the coronavirus began its inexorable march across the country’s 11 time zones, it robbed the capital of lives, and also its chance to come together over a shared victory. Military planes flying over an empty  Red Square in Moscow on Monday during a rehearsal for one of the few May 9 Victory Day events that remain. By Andrew Higgins Photographs by Sergey Ponomarev MOSCOW — As the coronavirus began its silent but relentless march on Moscow in February,Read More

НЙ Таймс: Олигархи России берут на себя ответственность

As Local Health Systems Buckle, Russia’s Oligarchs Take Charge The growing role of business tycoons in the fight against the coronavirus highlights the weaknesses of the state apparatus built by President Vladimir V. Putin. Red Square in Moscow last month. About half of the known coronavirus cases in Russia are in the capital.Credit…Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times  Anton Troianovski MOSCOW — As the coronavirus pandemic gained pace in Russia this spring, a billionaire steel magnate, Aleksei A. Mordashov, called four regional governors and urged them to lock down theRead More

Три российских врача выпали из окон

Three Russian doctors have fallen from hospital windows in two weeks, amid reports of dire conditions Cemetery employees bury a coronavirus victim in a special section of a graveyard on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, on May 6, 2020. (Anatoly Maltsev/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) Isabelle Khurshudyan  May 6, 2020 at 2:17 p.m. EDT MOSCOW — The two Russian paramedics were dressed for work in the video, masks covering their noses and mouths as they delivered a grim dispatch. The narrator identified himself as Alexander Kosyakin and his colleague as Alexander Shulepov. Shulepov hadRead More

He Found One of Stalin’s Mass Graves. Now He’s in Jail.

The discovery by Yuri Dmitriev, after years of searching, “has clearly made some people very uncomfortable,” his daughter says. The forest at Sandarmokh in the northwestern Russian region of Karelia, where thousands of victims of Stalin were executed.Credit…Davide Monteleone for The New York Times Andrew Higgins   SANDARMOKH, Russia — The day began, like many others in her childhood years, with hours of tramping through an insect-infested forest with the family dog while her eccentric father, Yuri Dmitriev, wandered off to hunt in vain for corpses buried among the trees.Read More

Путин и Вирус

Putin, Russia’s Man of Action, Is Passive, Even Bored, in the Coronavirus Era The pandemic has derailed Vladimir V. Putin’s plans for a big military parade and a referendum extending his rule — and now knocked out his prime minister — as the Russian leader struggles to find his stride. President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia led a meeting with members of the country’s Security Council via a video link from his country residence outside Moscow this month.Credit…Sputnik/Reuters Andrew Higgins MOSCOW — This was supposed to be a moment ofRead More

Нью Йорк Таймс: Кризис в Церкви Кирилла

A ‘Breakdown of Trust’: Pandemic Corrodes Church-State Ties in Russia Even as the monasteries of the Orthodox Church are besieged by the coronavirus, apocalyptic-minded priests balk at state restrictions on public worship. Patriarch Kirill, in the white headdress, leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, at a procession in Moscow last month. Experts say his reluctance to enforce orders against church gatherings has led to an explosion of coronavirus cases in monasteries and convents.Credit…Patriarchal Press Service, via Reuters Andrew Higgins MOSCOW — A physics student at Moscow State University, Dmitri PelipenkoRead More

Рубашка Байден Трамп

Ракеты НАСА

NASA Picks Moon Lander Designs by Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos Rocket Companies It seems unlikely the space agency will meet President Trump’s goal of a return to the lunar surface by the end of 2024. The core stage of NASA’s Artemis rocket, which would take astronauts to the moon, at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans in January.Credit…Jude Guidry/NASA By Kenneth Chang NASA announced on Thursday that it had picked three designs for spacecraft to take astronauts back to the surface of the moon. Two are from prominentRead More

Eric Schmidt: Я могу решить все вопросы

‘I Could Solve Most of Your Problems’: Eric Schmidt’s Pentagon Offensive The former Google C.E.O. has reinvented himself as the prime liaison between Silicon Valley and the military-industrial complex. By Kate Conger and Cade Metz In July 2016, Raymond Thomas, a four-star general and head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, hosted a guest: Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google. General Thomas, who served in the 1991 gulf war and deployed many times to Afghanistan, spent the better part of a day showing Mr. Schmidt around Special Operations Command’s headquartersRead More

Парадокс Карла Поппера

  The Paradox of Karl Popper The great philosopher, renowned for his ferocious attacks on scientific and political dogmatism, could be quite dogmatic. Scientific American John Horgan Karl Popper said he was the happiest philosopher he knew. “Most philosophers are really deeply depressed,” he explained, “because they can’t produce anything worthwhile.” Photo from Keystone / Getty Images. The world has been paying lots of attention to philosopher Karl Popper lately, although surely not as much as he would think he deserves. Popper, 1902-1994, railed against dogmatism in all forms. HeRead More

Портрет Королевы

A Private Equity Firm Is Blocked From Buying .Org

The deal for the internet domain for nonprofit organizations had set off fierce opposition. Protesters outside the Los Angeles headquarters of the regulatory body for domain names, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, in January.Credit…Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press Steve Lohr A private equity firm will not gain control of dot-org, the digital real estate that is home to millions of nonprofits, nongovernmental organizations and community groups. The board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which oversees the internet naming system, decided on Thursday night toRead More

Most Dictators Self Destruct. Why?

In most cases, democratization has followed an authoritarian ruler’s mistake. Bloomberg    Leonid Bershidsky Ceausescu was overconfident. Photo by Spiegl / Ullstein Bild via Getty Images.  With authoritarian rulers ascendant in many parts of the world, one wonders what must happen for their countries to liberalize. The likes of Vladimir Putin in Russia, Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey or Xi Jinping in China are entrenched, experienced and not unpopular — so should their opponents simply resign themselves to an open-ended period of illiberal rule? According to Daniel Treisman, a UCLARead More

A Hooker & Con Man Are Running America

Who’s to blame today?

Вашингтон Пост: Вирус Сгущает Кровь A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients Once thought a relatively straightforward respiratory virus, covid-19 is proving to be much more frightening Ariana Eunjung Cha  April 22, 2020 Craig Coopersmith was up early that morning as usual and typed his daily inquiry into his phone. “Good morning, Team Covid,” he wrote, asking for updates from the ICU team leaders working across 10 hospitals in the Emory University health system in Atlanta. One doctor replied that one of his patients had a strange blood problem. Despite being put onRead More

Путин и Трамп Старые Друзья!

The True Manchurian Candidate story!

Гибель Лошарика у Берегов Норвегии

A Deep-Diving Sub. A Deadly Fire. And Russia’s Secret Undersea Agenda. Few want to talk about how 14 sailors met their deaths on a Russian engineering marvel. Fewer still want to talk about what they were doing off Norway’s waters. Like the shell of an egg, the Losharik’s titanium spheres can resist terrific pressure. Mika Gröndahl James Glanz and Thomas Nilsen .   April 20, 2020 OFF THE COAST OF NORWAY . There could hardly have been a more terrifying place to fight a fire than in the belly of theRead More

Ленин всегда живой?

Борис Херсонский *** На початку сімдесятих моя приятелька-скульптор Ірина Ш. хвалилася, що за минулий рік вона “забацала” двох Ленінів сільського масштабу і чотирьох невідомих солдат – одного сільського та трьох районних. Це було нечуваною удачею – Наступного року можна було жити спокійно. Тоді я сказав їй, що хотів би бачити пам’ятник невідомому Леніну. Зараз я думаю про пам’ятник невідомій людині, про яку не відомо навіть те, чи була вона солдатом, і, якщо була, на чиєму боці воювала. Зрештою такий пам’ятник міг би стати пам’ятником невідомому людству. *** In the earlyRead More


Борис Херсонский С днем Рождения, Михайло! Ломоносов Из жадины-немца государыних денег не выбить. Марбург тесен – ни погулять, ни выпить. Изучай минералы. Хвалебные оды пиши. Сравнивай ясное солнце с ужасной громадой, строчку спустя его же – с пресветлой лампадой. О величии Божьем размышляй в бессонной тиши. Что немцу здорово, русскому если не смерть, то скука. Опять же не погуляешь. Вместо выпивки тут наука. Вместо пьяной удали – скучный трезвый расчет. Свеча догорает. За окном – непроглядно. Сон не идет. Хоть звезды считай. Да ладно! Сиди во тьме и слушай, какRead More


Борис Херсонский· ЕЩЕ О РЕЦЕПТЕ ФАРШИРОВАННОЙ РЫБЫ Приготовить гефилте фиш нелегко – знаете сами. Ее готовят веками, а не часами. Ее фаршируют невзгодами, смертью, слезами, бедностью и богатством в соотношении постоянном, приправляют чертой оседлости, присыпают серым пеплом Освенцима. Кстати, размерам этой рыбы могли б позавидовать кит с Левиафаном. Но шкурка ее тонка и ее повредить – не дай Боже! Дщери Израиля! Отец на нас взирает не строже, чем мать на ребенка. И наше смертное ложе раскачивается подобно младенческой колыбели. Наша судьба возносит нас на крест или дыбу, но у насRead More

Концерт с Евгением Кострицким

Борис Херсонский Это клип к нашему концерту с Евгением Кострицким, который состоялся два года назад в память о жертвах Холокоста. Есть и запись этого концерта. Когда-то я уже ее выкладывал. Pause -4:01 Additional Visual Settings Enter Watch And ScrollClick to enlarge Unmute Watch together with friends or with a group Start

Пауль Целан, стихи

Борис Херсонский Пропустил день смерти Пауля Целана (20 апреля) . Я перевел несколько его стихотворений три года назад и написал посвященный ему цикл стихотворений. Здесь – часть переводов.. Ожог Мы не спали, лежа среди шестеренок хронометра скорби, и стрелки сгибали, как прутья, и они поспешали вспять, избивая время до крови, и ты заклинала повисшие сумерки, и двенадцать раз я обращался на “ты” к ночи твоей речи и она распахнулась сразу и осталась открытой, и я возложил ей око на лоно, а второе вплел в твои косы, и бикфордов шнур протянулсяRead More

Кошка была сотворена для служения человеку?

Борис Херсонский Вообще-то кошка была сотворена для служения человеку. Но потом она задумалась, и.. Короче говоря, ситуация изменилась радикально.

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